Luke Squire: We Can Get More Women and People of Color Involved In Politics

Luke Squire, co-founder of LaunchProgress PAC, wrote in the National Journal's Next America Series about the need to continue to work to elect people from new communities. 

"It's been 22 years since voters elected a record five women to the U.S. Senate in a single year. Putting five women in the Senate was so momentous that 1992 was dubbed 'The Year of the Woman.' Two decades later, we saw similar headlines as the female headcount in the Senate reached 20. Reflecting on that history, The Washington Post said the 1992 election 'was supposed to change everything. But it didn't—not on the scale once expected.' "

"The LaunchProgress vision is one where we find great people first, offer them the support they need and historically have been denied, and then invest in their ability to serve the public by pursuing elected office...It's a vision where Chelsea Clinton's friends, maybe even Chelsea herself, and other young women across the country see elected office as a real opportunity to change and improve lives."

Read Luke's full article here.

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