AJAM: “Wanted: Young candidates of color to shake up politics scene”

Naureen Khan, reporting for Al Jazeera America, featured Stephanie Chang and Cecil Brockman in an article on LaunchProgress PAC and similar efforts on the right:

“Both parties have placed a heavy premium on diversity in recent years. Democrats have made it a major selling point while the GOP has vowed to work harder to represent and attract a broader swath of the electorate. A quick glance at the statistics, nevertheless, tells a sobering story: the 113th Congress, despite being heralded as the most diverse in history, is still comprised of only 18 percent women and 15 percent minorities.

“The key to changing that, the thinking goes, might be to start early. Chang was a beneficiary of one such push. She was among the first wave of candidates to be endorsed and financially supported by LaunchProgress, a nonprofit and political action committee created earlier this year to support young candidates, many of them minorities, running for state office for the first time.”

Read Khan's full article over at Al Jazeera America.

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