Our Values

Our Values

Environmental Justice

We recognize that environmental harms and pollution disproportionately impact marginalized communities, and support action at all levels of government to respond to the climate crisis, protect clean air and water in our communities, defend public lands, increase energy efficiency and energy access, keep dirty fuels in the ground, invest in clean and renewable energy sources, support a just transition to 100% clean energy, regulate harmful pollutants, and hold polluting corporations responsible.

Racial Justice

We believe that black lives matter and recognize that systematic racism and oppression exist and persist in our society. We know that bad educational, environmental, and economic policies hit marginalized communities the hardest. We are committed to dismantling white supremacy and fighting for a just world for all.

Criminal Justice

We believe we should end mass incarceration and private prisons, and support efforts to lower recidivism and support returning citizens, including “banning the box” and restoring voting rights to felons. We believe that children should not be charged as adults, and that we should end the drug war and re-consider sentences of those imprisoned for minor drug charges.

Gender Equity

We affirm the rights of trans folks to exist and access public spaces and services. We support policies to end housing, employment, and health discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community. We support survivors of sexual abuse and commit to holding abusers accountable, both as a matter of policy and among anyone we employ or work with.


We believe that universal healthcare is a right, including mental health care, reproductive health care, and abortion care. We believe that addiction is not a crime, and support policies based in harm reduction rather than criminalization. We believe that students have the right to comprehensive, accurate sexual health education.


I believe that immigrants, migrants, and refugees should be able to access all public services, including public education and drivers licenses, regardless of immigration status or language spoken. I will stand against the construction of detention centers and the incarceration of children in my community and country. I support local policies that reduce cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Economic Justice

We believe that everyone is entitled to a good job with living wages and benefits and a secure retirement. We support worker’s rights to organize and collectively bargain for fairer pay and better working conditions, and oppose efforts to privatize public services. We support policies that encourage democratic and community ownership of businesses and capital, and that encourage diverse ownership of businesses. We support policies to eliminate the racial and gender pay gap.


We support high-quality, fully and fairly funded public education, including funding models that support the equitable distribution of resources for public schools. We support debt-free access to education, from early childhood to college/community college/technical education, that nurtures and provides opportunities to students and supports teachers and families.

Good Government, Campaign Finance, and Democracy

We believe that voting is a fundamental right, and support policies to increase ballot access, including early voting and automatic voter registration. We believe elections should be free from corporate interests and we do not take money from fossil fuel interests or corporate PACs. We support the nonpartisan administration of elections and independent non-partisan redistricting. We believe government should be open and responsive to the public, and support policies to increase transparency and public notice, as well as policies to reduce corruption. We support a government that is representative of its citizens, widely defined.

Housing and Transportation

We believe housing is a universal right. We support the transformation of communities to be accessible and ecologically sustainable. We believe it is government’s job to invest in affordable housing and modern public transportation.

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