Our Values

Environmental Justice: We support support action at all levels of government to curb climate change, protect clean air and water in our communities, defend public lands, increase energy efficiency and energy access, invest in renewable energy sources, and regulate harmful pollutants.

Racial Justice: We believe in equitable treatment of all people under the law, and that no one should be denied opportunities or rights because of their race, religion, or ethnic background. We support efforts to ensure that law enforcement and other public institutions treat all individuals equally as well as efforts to reduce mass incarceration. We support enacting policies that ensure every person’s full inclusion and participation in society.

Gender Equity: We do not believe any person should be denied rights or opportunities because of their gender or sexual identity or expression. We support policies to end housing, employment, and health discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community, as well as policies to support survivors of sexual violence. We support enacting policies that ensure every person’s full inclusion and participation in society.

Healthcare for All: We believe that all people should have access to comprehensive, affordable healthcare, including reproductive health care and abortion care, as well as medically accurate sexual health education. We stand against efforts to restrict access to healthcare and encourage policies that expand health access for all, regardless of income, location, ability, gender, pre-existing condition, or immigration status.

Welcoming Communities: We believe in a country that welcomes all immigrants and refugees, and in taking steps to make immigrants, regardless of legal status, religion, or national origin, safe and welcome in our communities. We believe that our country is stronger because of its diversity and stand against attempts to discriminate against immigrants on the basis of national origin or religion.

Economic Justice: We support policies that reduce economic inequality and support economic mobility, including policies to raise the minimum wage, narrow the gender pay gap and combat workforce discrimination. We support worker’s rights to organize and collectively bargain for fairer pay and better working conditions. Our economic system should be fair, fulfill everyone’s basic needs, and should offer opportunity to everyone regardless of their socio-economic status.

Affordable and Accessible Education: We support high-quality, fully funded public education that empowers and respects communities. We support affordable access to education, from early childhood to college education, that nurtures and provides opportunities to students and supports teachers and families. We believe education is a right that should be afforded to all, regardless of income or ability.

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  • commented 2017-11-14 13:19:59 -0500
    Do you, or do you not oppose corporate control of US politics? The majority of Americans (let alone left-leaning Americans) have recognized that the Democratic and Republican parties both have deep financial ties to anti-democratic, capitalist influences. Will you stand against this corporate rule, or do you work to prolong it?