How to Stop North Carolina’s New Frontier of Voter Suppression

LaunchProgress PAC's Arielle Swernoff writes about North Carolina’s extreme and damaging voter suppression for The Huffington Post. A candidate we supported in 2014 is working to fix that:

State Representative Cecil Brockman, who received LaunchProgress PAC’s endorsement, recently introduced a bill to make all General Assembly changes to local election districts subject to referendum, ensuring the people have a say in the setup of their local governments. We need more officials like Cecil Brockman. We need leaders in all elected bodies, and all levels of government, who are committed to protecting our voices and our vote.

To protect democracy, we have to bring more people into the process. There are other innovative ideas to expand the franchise and build greater inclusivity into the system, like Oregon's automatic voter registration law. Across the country, young progressives are working to expand democratic access for all Americans. Now it’s time to get them into office, so they can turn their ideas into reality.

Read Arielle’s full piece at The Huffington Post.

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