MSNBC: “Millennial PAC tries to inject youth, diversity into graying legislatures”

MSNBC-launch-progress-poy-winichakul.jpgMSNBC's Aliyah Frumin spent a day with LaunchProgress PAC co-founder Poy Winichakul to report on how we help elect more young and diverse candidates:

Launch Progress isn’t just there to ‘throw money at candidates,’ but to provide a network connecting candidates with the 40 people on the group’s advisory board—from lawyers to community organizers to experts in areas like education and healthcare—to help with their campaigns. Board members have helped develop policy papers, campaign plans, and speechwriting – and they ultimately decide if the PAC will endorse a young candidate (based on their stances on a number of issues, including individual liberty, affordable education, economic, social and gender equality, and the environment). Launch Progress is as much about providing young progressive candidates with the political expertise they lack as it is about bolstering their war chests.

Launch Progress will have an uphill climb. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 3.8% of the 7,382 legislative seats across the country are held by people between the ages of 20 and 34. If you’re looking at state lawmakers under the age of 30, the percentage drops to 1%. The average age of a state legislator nationwide is 56 years old.

Read Frumin’s full article over at MSNBC.

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