Michigan Meet & Greet!

Join LaunchProgress for our Michigan Meet and Greet! This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the organization and for aspiring candidates for local office to learn how to seek its endorsement. We’ll be joined by LaunchProgress endorsed candidates State Representative Kristy Pagan and Jon Hoadley, LaunchProgress Executive Director Arielle Swernoff, as well as LaunchProgress’s 2017 Michigan candidates, Erin Byrnes and Brian Jackson.


LaunchProgress is a political action committee committed to electing young, diverse, progressive candidates to state and local office. After successes in Ohio and North Carolina, we will be doubling down on our efforts to strengthen the leadership pipeline in Michigan and build up the next generation of progressive leadership.
Hosts: State Representative Kristy Pagan, Commissioner Sarah Anthony, Branden Snyder, Derrell Slaughter 
*Additional Hosts To Be Announced*

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