Michigan 2018 Candidates

We’re so excited to announce our 2018 endorsed Michigan candidates!

As a member of the LaunchProgress Board and our Michigan Endorsement Committee (and a lifelong Michigan resident), I know how much of a difference it can make when organizations like LaunchProgress invest in our state’s young progressive leadership.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve seen big wins for progressives across the country, and I know that it would be a mistake to sleep on Michigan in 2018. We only need nine seats to flip the Michigan State House, and these are the candidates to do it: to bring much-needed progressive leadership to our state.

Among the fifteen folks we’re supporting in Michigan this year, we have teachers, organizers, and small business owners, candidates who are focused on supporting public education and rural broadband and reforming the criminal justice system. We’re particularly proud to have endorsed candidates from across the state: from Detroit to Lansing, Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo, in small towns and rural communities. We know that when we run everywhere, we can win anywhere.

I’m so excited to help these 15 candidates win. You can support us in that effort by donating here.

Now, without further ado, our 2018 endorsed Michigan candidates!

Abraham Aiyash for Senate District 2 Abraham is a first generation Yemeni-American who has a track record of proven leadership in his community. He’s running a people-powered campaign, with hundreds of volunteers and donors from the community. He’s deeply committed to transparent, accessible government and building an economy that works for all.

Alex Garza for House District 12 Alex Garza is currently serving on the Taylor City Council, and he is the youngest and first Latinx elected official in Taylor’s history. He knows the importance of making sustainable local changes to better his community, and that’s why LaunchProgress is thrilled to endorse him.

Allison Quast-Lents for House District 99 Allison Quast-Lents is the Mayor of Mt. Pleasant, a small business owner, and a mother of two. Now, she is ready to go to Lansing and fight for economic opportunities, quality education, and safe communities for everyone in Michigan. She is far and above the best person to flip the 99th House District.

Chris Jackson for House District 29 With his background in entrepreneurship, Chris Jackson is the right choice to bring innovation and good jobs to Pontiac. He’s also focused on criminal justice reform, including lessening the disproportionate impact of marijuana arrests in communities of color.

Dan Centers for House District 19 Dan Centers knows that without a strong public education system, Michigan families cannot succeed. Dan is a teacher and elected member of the Livonia School Board, and is the best candidate to flip the 19th House District.

Darrin Camilleri for House District 23 Another former teacher, Darrin Camilleri has been a progressive leader for the 23rd District. He is currently the youngest Latino and first Maltese-American elected to the Michigan State House, and fights every day for good jobs and public schools.

Derrell Slaughter for Ingham County Commission We’re so thrilled to endorse Derrell Slaughter, who we first met in 2014, when he was helping to elect other young progressives in Michigan. A leader on progressive issues, Derrell is on the Board of the ACLU and involved in the Michigan NAACP. He’s running for county commission to stand up for health care access and good jobs for Lansing.

Kyra Harris-Bolden for House District 35 Kyra Harris-Bolden has been deeply involved in her Southfield community since she was a child. Now, she is an attorney who knows her district backwards and forwards and is running to make sure her district has strong progressive leadership.

Mallory McMorrow for Senate District 13 A former automotive designer, Mallory McMorrow is the right choice to flip the 13th Senate district. She’s committed to transparent and accountable government, and creating good jobs for Michiganders.

Mari Manoogian for House District 40 Mari Manoogian has a fresh, global experience with deep Michigan roots. She grew up with a union father and small business owning mother, and she went on to work in international affairs. Now, she’s running in her home town to flip the 40th state house district and bring progressive leadership to her community.  

Meredith Place for Kalamazoo County Commission Raised by a public school teacher and a disabled Vietnam veteran, Meredith knows that a strong social safety net can make all the difference. A leader in the labor movement, we’re excited to fight for Meredith as she fights for working people.

Ricardo White for House District 6 From his experience working in the state house, Ricardo White knows what it takes to pass good, progressive policy. Born and raised in HD-6, Ricardo is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by the district, and the opportunities that exist for making it better.  

Sarah Anthony for House District 68 Sarah has spent her career fighting for her community, both in the state legislature and as Chair of the Ingham County Board of Commissions, where she was the youngest African-American County Commissioner in the county. Now, she’s running a campaign to maintain progressive leadership a that centers working people.

Stephen Wooden for Kent County Commission Stephen Wooden is an advocate for for affordable housing and renewable energy. He’s running for Kent County Commission in Betsy De Vos’s backyard, making progressive inroads in a conservative part of the state.

Wisam Naoum for House District 30 The son of Assyrian and Armenian immigrants, Wisam Naoum knows that good policy can make all the difference for working families. He’s running to fight corruption and invest in infrastructure.

We’re excited to welcome these candidates to our LaunchProgress family, and can’t wait to work with them to change Michigan for the better.

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