Poy Winichakul: Let the Koch Brothers Spend $900 Million. This is How We Can Still Win — For Less.

Poy Winichakul, co-founder and co-director of LaunchProgress PAC, wrote a piece on how progressives can still win despite huge outside spending:

We don’t need millions to support these candidates. State representative or state senate candidates typically spend less than $250,000, with many campaigns run effectively with $20,000-$30,000. And by developing these candidates for higher office elections in the future, our investment in them can yield long-term returns.

On Election Day, we won 56 percent of our races — a success rate that places us among top campaign organizations.

It doesn’t take $900 million to win elections. And when you find a way to win without big money, you can expand democracy along the way.

Read Poy's full piece over at Medium.

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