July Updates from LaunchProgress

Happy July! Things are heating up at LaunchProgress and with our candidates. We have a match program running through the end of the month and ten Michigan candidates with primaries on August 7.

We’re also gearing up for a competitive general election season in all three of our states: we have an opportunity and an obligation to win, protect our communities from dangerous federal policies, and offer a bold progressive vision for all.

We’re glad you’re with us!

Four days left to double your impact!

We have four days left in our July donor match! A generous supporter has agreed to match contributions through the end of the month. We’re just over halfway to our goal of $5,000--can you help us get there today?

Donate $5 today to double your impact.

Michigan Primaries August 7

We are fewer than two weeks away from Michigan’s primary elections on August 7, and the following endorsed candidates will be on the ballot.

  • Ricardo White, HD-6: Focused on environmental justice and auto insurance redlining, Ricardo is the right choice to represent SW Detroit.
  • Alex Garza, HD-6: Alex is a thoughtful and community-oriented workhorse who knows the 12th district like the back of his hand.
  • Dan Centers, HD-19: A public school teacher, Dan knows that Michigan is currently working for the wealthy, not the working families in his hometown of Livonia.
  • Chris Jackson, HD-29: Chris is running to improve economic opportunities and support entrepreneurship in Pontiac. He’s also a leader on criminal justice reform.
  • Kyra Harris Bolden, HD-35: A community leader, Kyra believes that everyone deserves a fair shake, but some communities have been systematically excluded and marginalized.
  • Mari Manoogian, HD-40: Mari is running to flip the purple 40th district on a platform of investing in schools, seniors, and infrastructure.
  • Sarah Anthony, HD-68: A proven leader, Sarah will fight for women, the environment, and workers in the state house.
  • Allison Quast-Lents, HD-99: Allison is standing up for the environment, small farms, and the needs of rural Michiganders in the 99th District.
  • Abraham Aiyash, SD-2: Running on a bold progressive platform of Medicare for All, universal Pre-K, and a $15 minimum wage, “Honest Abe” will bring integrity back to the 2nd State Senate District.
  • Derrell Slaughter, Ingham County Commission: Derrell is a leader in Lansing, having spent years working on environmental justice, civil rights, and racial equity.

We’re hustling hard to help get these great leaders over the finish line!

LP Alum Nick Komives Passes Landmark Voter Access Bill in Toledo

Nick Komives is expanding the franchise in Lucas county. His bill, which passed last week, would allow residents of Toledo to register to vote when they access city services. This is exactly the kind of creative policy-making we need to fight attacks on our voting rights.

Four LaunchProgress Races Rated “Tossups”

Decision Desk HQ has released new ratings for the state senate and state house in Ohio, and half of our races have been rated tossups! We’re going up against some powerful forces: Ohio is extremely gerrymandered and Republicans are grotesquely well-funded. None of our Ohio races are sure things, and it’s a testament to our candidate’s bold messaging and worn-down shoe leather to have their races moved into tossup category. Our Ohio tossup candidates:



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