How do I apply?

There are four steps in LaunchProgress PAC’s endorsement process.

Step 1: Endorsement Questionnaire (estimated time: 30 minutes).

  • All candidates must submit an endorsement questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire asks for each candidate’s basic information, resumé, and contains questions on progressive value areas. We provide space for candidates to elaborate on each issue area. 
  • Questionnaires will be used in our internal endorsement processes only and will never be shared publicly.

Step 2: Interview, if invited by LaunchProgress (estimated time: 30 minutes)

  • Candidates who demonstrate that their values align with LaunchProgress PAC’s values advance to the interview stage. Candidates will be notified of their phone/Skype interview date and time, if applicable. The candidate may be asked to provide further information, such as a campaign plan, ahead of the interview.
  • LaunchProgress PAC staff and State Endorsement Committee members will interview the candidate via conference call, webinar, or Skype. The interview will consist of questions from staff and Endorsement Committee members. The questions will largely be drawn from the candidate’s questionnaire, resumé, and any other materials requested by LaunchProgress ahead of the interview.

Step 3: Endorsement decision and notification

  • Staff and Endorsement Committee members vote on the candidate’s endorsement. If the candidate receives an endorsement, the team makes a decision on what direct contributions and in-kind services the PAC is able to offer the candidate.
  • Staff will notify the candidate of the PAC’s endorsement decision specifics of the endorsement.

Step 4: Announcement

  • LaunchProgress PAC will make the endorsement public the following week.

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