February Updates from LaunchProgress

It’s been a busy month for LaunchProgress! From training the next generation of candidates to opening up our endorsement applications, we’ve been going full tilt at building the progressive bench. Read on for more updates from us and our candidates!

Endorsement Process has begun!

Our endorsement applications are open! We’re spending the week interviewing amazing candidates running in Ohio, and will be conducting Michigan and North Carolina interviews over the coming weeks and months. We’re looking at having more applicants than ever before this year, so if you’ve been waiting on making a donation to support our candidates, now’s the time!

As always, you can contribute here. We’ll be sure to let you know when our endorsements are finalized!

LaunchProgress and YP4: How Community Organizers can Run for Office

This February, our Executive Director Arielle Swernoff and our board member Jesse Vogel hosted a workshop for college-aged organizers on how to run for office at the Young People for National Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. Dozens of young people with deep organizing experience--folks with backgrounds in labor, reproductive justice, environmental justice, and more--came together to learn how to leverage the tools and skills they had already developed as community organizers to run successful campaigns.

We believe in young people, and we believe in organizers. We’re helping our generation take our values from the streets to the statehouse to build a better, more progressive future.

Let’s reframe what it means to run for office as a tool for social change, a tool for continuing your grassroots advocacy. Thanks @ArielleSwernoff @jvogel17 for sharing your @LaunchProgress insights with @YP4 #YP4NS2018#RedefiningResistamce

— Lulu Mickelson (@LuluMickelson) February 18, 2018

LaunchProgress Alums Say #TimesUp

LaunchProgress alums State Reps Kristy Pagan and Stephanie Chang are leaders in the movement to address sexual assault on college campuses. This past month, they, along with the Michigan Progressive Women’s Caucus introduced a package of bills to address the crisis of sexual violence. The package is centered on three principles: prevention, protection, and accountability.

The bills include policies to prevent sexual assault by providing educational materials to high schools and universities and establishing a “Yes means yes” model of consent. They protect survivors by increasing funding for medical care and domestic violence programs and making it harder for schools to push out people who report sexual assault. Finally, the bills increase accountability by making coaches and trainers mandatory reporters, requiring investigations to begin within 48 hours of a report being made, and lifting the statute of limitations for criminal sexual conduct.

Thank you, Kristy and Stephanie, for standing up for survivors!


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