North Carolina

Antoine Marshall for State House District 33: Antoine is a former legal aid attorney who knows that bad policy hurts marginalized people the most. He's running for the North Carolina General Assembly to allow municipalities to build more affordable housing and change laws to end gerrymandering. 

Ashton Clemmons for State House District 57: Ashton is a former public school teacher, principal, and current assistant superintendent. Unsurprisingly, her platform is focused on investing in North Carolina's public education system and providing opportunities for all children to learn and grow. 

Chaz Beasley for State House District 92: Raised by a single mother in rural North Carolina, Chaz knows the importance of a strong social safety net. Chaz has been a progressive champion, fighting for environmental justice, police accountability, and financial literacy. He's running in a competitive district that includes parts of Charlotte. 

D. Cole Phelps for State Senate District 1: Attorney Cole Phelps has seen the General Assembly ignore the needs of rural residents. He's running for State Senate in Northeastern North Carolina, focusing on investment in public schools, rural broadband and telecom infrastructure, and ending the opioid crisis. 

Da'Quan Love for State House District 4: A longtime advocate and lifetime member of the NAACP, Da'Quan is running for General Assembly on a platform of four E's: education, economic development, environment, and equality. A dynamic, energetic leader, Da'Quan will bring a fresh voice for Eastern North Carolina to the General Assembly. 

Erica McAdoo for State House District 63: Erica is running to represent Alamance County in the General Assembly, fighting for public schools, the Medicaid expansion, and an increased minimum wage. Erica's seat is one of the top Democratic pickup opportunities in the state, and we're excited to help her win. 

Kristen Powers for Alamance County Commission: A recent graduate, Kristen has spent several years working as a racial justice organizer and is now running for County Commission to increase accessibility, fight for a living wage, and combat hate in Alamance County.  

Luis Toledo for State Senate District 16: A U.S. Air Force veteran, Luis is running for state senate to expand Medicaid, end gerrymandering, and make it easier for North Carolinians to vote. Luis would be the first Hispanic member of the North Carolina General Assembly. 

Matt Calabria for Wake County Commission: As a Wake County Commissioner, Matt has fought for school meals to combat childhood hunger, a higher minimum wage, and provide services for returning citizens. We know that Matt will continue to stand strong for our progressive values. 

Mujtaba Mohammed for State Senate District 38: A public defender and former children's rights attorney, Mujtaba is fighting for a government that works for all. That includes ending cash bail, eliminating contracts with private prisons, and bringing back the Earned Income Tax Credit. 


Christine Fisher for State House District 27: Christine is a private sector leader who believes fiscal responsibility means investing in needed local services, not passing the buck and leaving necessary programs unfunded. She’s running a strong campaign in a suburban district that we believe we can flip.

Jessica Miranda for State House District 28: Jessica is a current school board member running in one of the most competitive districts in the state. A long-time education advocate, Jessica will work to reverse the stripmining of Ohio’s public schools.

Joe Helle for State House District 89: Joe has dedicated his life to service, first as an Airborne Infantry Sergeant in the Army and now as mayor of Oak Harbor in Northwest Ohio. He’s willing to fight for what he believes in and made national news standing up to Jon Husted. Now he’s running for State House to invest in our schools and to protect Lake Erie.

Louise Valentine for State Senate District 19: Louise grew up in a working-class family in Elyria and now lives in Central Ohio. She is running a strong progressive campaign focused on fixing the broken educational funding formula, expanding access to health care, and investing in green energy.

Paul Bradley for State Senate District 1: Paul is dedicated to Dayton and Montgomery County, having served as a regional representative for Senator Sherrod Brown. Nows he’s running to take back a winnable state senate race on a platform to fund public schools, oppose right to work and tackle the opioid crisis.

Rachel Crooks for State House District 88: Rachel drew national attention when she accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. She’s born and raised in Northwestern Ohio, where she’s currently a leader at Heidelberg University. Her campaign is focused on equitable education and healthcare for all.

Sedrick Denson for State House District 33: Sedrick is a political organizer in Cincinnati, most recently with the Ohio Environmental Council. Sedrick is running to fight for early childhood education and criminal justice reform.

Taylor Sappington for State House District 94: Taylor is a true organizer who was first elected to the Nelsonville City Council at age 24. Now he’s putting his organizing skills to work to stand up for Southeast Ohio, committed to health care access, infrastructure investment, and bringing jobs to his community.

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