Candidate Spotlight: Vernetta Alston for Durham City Council

Vernetta Alston is deeply rooted in the Durham community, and her commitment to social justice is unparalleled. As an attorney, Vernetta represents death sentenced individuals, working intimately with issues of structural racism, poverty, and injustice. In 2014, Vernetta’s work exonerated Henry McCollum, North Carolina’s longest-serving death row inmate, who was wrongfully convicted in 1983.

She’s running on a platform of immigrant and criminal justice, economic development that lifts all communities, and affordable housing.

Vernetta is a queer woman of color, and as the controversy over HB142 has shown, North Carolina needs strong leaders who will fight for all of its residents. As Vernetta says, “we live in a state and in a country where so many of us feel threatened, excluded, and without a voice in politics. Durham has to expect its local leaders to live up to that responsibility - to represent us all, to respect all of our experiences, to be accountable to everyone’s needs, to look forward, and embody the values of the community. I am running because I am eager to take on that responsibility.”

Learn more about Vernetta (and send her a few dollars) on her website.

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