Engaging Youth in Their Communities’ Governance

Last month, The Villager posted an article regarding new legislation signed by Governor Cuomo that will allow teens, starting at age 16, to participate in New York City community boards. Overall, the idea seems promising. Socially minded teens, formerly excluded from these bodies, will finally have an outlet to voice their concerns about the community, addressing problems that affect them directly.

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Veronica Aveis: Congress Wants To Ban Abortion — Young Progressives Can’t Let Them

LaunchProgress PAC on FeministingVeronica Aveis, a member of LaunchProgress PAC’s Candidate Advisory Board, wrote in Feministing about the 114th Congress's aggressive attacks on women's freedom:

On the first day of the new Congress, two Republicans introduced a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks. In the following 36 hours, we saw four more pieces of legislative restrictions introduced. Between 2011 and 2014, 231 bills were passed restricting access to abortion — more than in the entire previous decade.

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Poy Winichakul: Let the Koch Brothers Spend $900 Million. This is How We Can Still Win — For Less.

Poy Winichakul, co-founder and co-director of LaunchProgress PAC, wrote a piece on how progressives can still win despite huge outside spending:

We don’t need millions to support these candidates. State representative or state senate candidates typically spend less than $250,000, with many campaigns run effectively with $20,000-$30,000. And by developing these candidates for higher office elections in the future, our investment in them can yield long-term returns.

On Election Day, we won 56 percent of our races — a success rate that places us among top campaign organizations.

It doesn’t take $900 million to win elections. And when you find a way to win without big money, you can expand democracy along the way.

Read Poy's full piece over at Medium.

2014 Election Results: Five New Elected Officials Who Can Help Change Politics

LaunchProgress PAC Celebrates Victories of Five Endorsed Candidates in Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio

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Luke Squire: When $4 Billion Isn’t Enough, It’s Time to Rethink Our Elections

2014-11-05-electioncost.pngLuke Squire, co-founder of LaunchProgress PAC, wrote in the Huffington Post about the power of supporting state-level young candidates when so much money is expended on federal races:

At LaunchProgress, we proposed that by finding progressive champions, by focusing on districts underinvesting in young candidates, and by providing intensive, focused support in a candidates’ first, local election, we could have a much greater impact on our communities and our country's future than if we were to compete at the federal level.

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MSNBC: “Millennial PAC tries to inject youth, diversity into graying legislatures”

MSNBC-launch-progress-poy-winichakul.jpgMSNBC's Aliyah Frumin spent a day with LaunchProgress PAC co-founder Poy Winichakul to report on how we help elect more young and diverse candidates:

Launch Progress isn’t just there to ‘throw money at candidates,’ but to provide a network connecting candidates with the 40 people on the group’s advisory board—from lawyers to community organizers to experts in areas like education and healthcare—to help with their campaigns. Board members have helped develop policy papers, campaign plans, and speechwriting – and they ultimately decide if the PAC will endorse a young candidate (based on their stances on a number of issues, including individual liberty, affordable education, economic, social and gender equality, and the environment). Launch Progress is as much about providing young progressive candidates with the political expertise they lack as it is about bolstering their war chests.

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AJAM: “Wanted: Young candidates of color to shake up politics scene”

Naureen Khan, reporting for Al Jazeera America, featured Stephanie Chang and Cecil Brockman in an article on LaunchProgress PAC and similar efforts on the right:

“Both parties have placed a heavy premium on diversity in recent years. Democrats have made it a major selling point while the GOP has vowed to work harder to represent and attract a broader swath of the electorate. A quick glance at the statistics, nevertheless, tells a sobering story: the 113th Congress, despite being heralded as the most diverse in history, is still comprised of only 18 percent women and 15 percent minorities.

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Victory in Michigan!

We are proud to announce that three out of our four candidates for State Representative in Michigan won their primary elections last night. 

  • Stephanie Chang (6th District, Detroit) would be the first Asian American woman to serve in the state legislature.
  • Jon Hoadley (60th District, Kalamazoo) would be the only LGBT member of the legislature.
  • Kristy Pagan (21st District, Canton) would increase the number women, and especially young women in state office.
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Endorsements: Six Young Candidates Who Can Help Change Politics

LaunchProgress Endorses Six Candidates Running for State Office in North Carolina and Ohio, Where Less than 10 Percent of Legislators are 35 or Under

For Immediate Release: July 22, 2014

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Endorsements: LaunchProgress PAC Endorsements in North Carolina and Ohio

Endorsements in Ohio and North Carolina

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