February Updates from LaunchProgress

It’s been a busy month for LaunchProgress! From training the next generation of candidates to opening up our endorsement applications, we’ve been going full tilt at building the progressive bench. Read on for more updates from us and our candidates!

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LaunchProgress Endorses Kyle Strickland!

LaunchProgress is excited to announce our first endorsement of 2018: Kyle Strickland for Ohio State Senate, District 15!

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Big Wins in 2017!

Back in June, we announced our endorsement of 17 young, bold, progressive candidates for local office. Sixteen of them made it through the primary, and on Tuesday, November 7th, 10 of them won. Particularly considering that only around 10% of first-time candidates win, this is an amazing victory. 

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Candidate Spotlight: Vernetta Alston for Durham City Council

Vernetta Alston is deeply rooted in the Durham community, and her commitment to social justice is unparalleled. As an attorney, Vernetta represents death sentenced individuals, working intimately with issues of structural racism, poverty, and injustice. In 2014, Vernetta’s work exonerated Henry McCollum, North Carolina’s longest-serving death row inmate, who was wrongfully convicted in 1983.

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Victory in MI!

We couldn't be more excited to let you know that all four of LaunchProgress's endorsed Michigan candidates on the ballot yesterday made it through their primaries and will advance to the general election!

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Our Country May Be down, but Millennials Are Stepping Up

Our own Arielle Swernoff wrote about millennials stepping up to fix the challenges facing our country for the Huffington Post. 

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July Updates from LaunchProgress

Welcome to LaunchProgress PAC's summer newsletter! It's been a busy few months for the organization and our candidates, and we want to make sure you're up-to-date on our and their work. Read on for more!

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17 Candidates in 2017

We're so excited to announce our full class of seventeen candidates in 2017. These young, progressive leaders are EXACTLY the people we need to get our country on the right track. They're fighting for voting rights, high-quality education, environmental justice, and inclusive and welcoming communities. And, unlike our current political leaders, our candidates come from all corners of American life. Everyone we're working with this year is 35 or younger. Nine of our candidates are people of color, seven are women, and five are immigrants or first-generation Americans. They come from cities, suburbs, and small towns. They are students and teachers, artists and writers, organizers and activists. What these 17 leaders have in common, though, is a deep commitment to our shared progressive values and a history of working hard to make their communities better. 

This is our largest group of endorsed candidates ever, and the team here at LaunchProgress couldn't be more excited to help these 17 candidates run and win. We don't need to wait for a Congressional election to create the change we need to see in politics. We can do it right now, today by helping young progressives win local elections in key battleground states. These 17 candidates are making it happen. Join us, and them, in the fight for a better future.

Without further ado, LaunchProgress's 2017 endorsed candidates: 

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Michigan Meet & Greet!

Join LaunchProgress for our Michigan Meet and Greet! This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the organization and for aspiring candidates for local office to learn how to seek its endorsement. We’ll be joined by LaunchProgress endorsed candidates State Representative Kristy Pagan and Jon Hoadley, LaunchProgress Executive Director Arielle Swernoff, as well as LaunchProgress’s 2017 Michigan candidates, Erin Byrnes and Brian Jackson.


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LaunchProgress Endorses Eight Candidates Who Will Change the Face of Politics

Meet our first class of 2017 endorsed candidates! These eight leaders will change the face of politics, and we are so excited for what they will do for our cities, states, and country.  

These candidates represent the future we're trying to build. They're dedicated, hardworking, ambitious, and values-driven. They will bring real change to our communities now, and for years to come. The whole team at LaunchProgress is thrilled to work with them to help them run and win. Sign up to stay updated on their campaigns. 

Now, without further ado, LaunchProgress's first class of endorsed candidates, 2017:

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