April Updates from LaunchProgress

At LaunchProgress, we don’t believe in “wave elections.” A wave is something that happens naturally, uninfluenced by the actions of people. The kind of election results we want this November are something we have to create together, each of us doing our part to knock on doors, raise money, protest, and run for office.

We’re working to building the future we want, as are our candidates, volunteers, and so many thousands of others. We’re so glad you’re with us.

May 8 Primaries in North Carolina and Ohio!

North Carolina and Ohio primaries are just two weeks away. We’re committed to advancing progressive values in all districts, which is why we’re proud to have endorsed the following candidates running in competitive primaries:

Mujtaba Mohammed for North Carolina State Senate District 38: A public defender and former children's rights attorney, Mujtaba is fighting for a government that works for all. That includes ending cash bail, eliminating contracts with private prisons, and bringing back the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Luis Toledo for North Carolina State Senate District 16: A U.S. Air Force veteran, Luis is running for state senate to expand Medicaid, end gerrymandering, and make it easier for North Carolinians to vote. Luis would be the first Hispanic member of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Sedrick Denson for Ohio State House District 33: Sedrick is a political organizer in Cincinnati, most recently with the Ohio Environmental Council. Sedrick is running to fight for early childhood education and criminal justice reform.

Antoine Marshall for North Carolina State House District 33: Antoine is a former legal aid attorney who knows that bad policy hurts marginalized people the most. He's running for the North Carolina General Assembly to allow municipalities to build more affordable housing and change laws to end gerrymandering.

LaunchProgress in the News

Our candidates and our team had some great news coverage this month! Endorsed candidate Joe Helle (running for Ohio State Rep, District 89) was quoted in a Talking Points Memo piece about voting rights in Ohio, and his plan to expand the franchise if he wins. Says Joe:

“I’m a huge proponent of automatic registration. There’s no good reason we don’t do it. I also think we should have same-day registration, so that if somebody decides an issue is important to them and they typically aren’t a voter, they can still show up at the polls on Election Day. I want people to vote when they want, as easily as they can.”

LaunchProgress Board Member and North Carolina State Co-Chair Amy Chiou was featured in StyleBlueprint as one of seven women making an impact on the South. On working campaigns, Amy says:

“You are constantly aware that you are part of something big. The hours are long, the work never ends, and it can feel like an extended and constant whirlwind. There are days when making phone calls and knocking on doors feels tedious, but then someone opens their door and invites you [in]. And, somewhere between listening to their story and sharing yours, differences evaporate, strangers become neighbors, and neighbors become friends.”

LaunchProgress Ohio team member Mike Cooper wrote about how millennial leadership can help heal the rural-urban divide in North Carolina in the Charlotte Observer. He says:

“North Carolina has the second-largest rural population in the United States and the second-most rural municipalities, and those communities need leadership too — creativity, ideas and entrepreneurship from the best and brightest millennials.

As Franklin Roosevelt said during the Great Depression, “To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected,” and just because my generation didn’t cause the Great Recession, or deindustrialization, doesn’t mean it’s not up to us to rebuild.”

Finally, LaunchProgress Executive Director Arielle Swernoff, Columbus City Auditor and LaunchProgress alum Megan Kilgore, and Friend of the PAC Ohio State Representative Dan Ramos spoke on a panel at Oberlin College on social activism and electoral politics. We discussed how we can use elected office to create meaningful social change on the issues we care about, and helped get students fired up for the midterm elections. 



ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) 

LP Alums State Reps Kristy Pagan and Stephanie Chang introduced a package of bills to combat sexual assault through prevention, protections for survivors, and greater accountability for perpetrators | LaunchProgress endorsed 10 incredible candidates in North Carolina | We jumped on the meme train and made a bingo card for dating people who work on state and local campaigns  | LaunchProgress candidates Jessica Miranda, Louise Valentine, Joe Helle and Taylor Sappington were endorsed by NARAL, and Lousie Valentine, Christine Fisher, and Jessica Miranda were endorsed by EMILY’S List

We’re working hard, and so are our candidates. Thank you for being in this journey with us.

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