LaunchProgress Political Action Committee (PAC), founded in 2014, elects young, bold progressives from under-represented backgrounds for state and local office. We believe that change starts locally, and we are committed to building a bench of future progressive leaders. We want a democracy and a society that is inclusive of all communities and champions each person. Conservatives have spent dozens of years and millions of dollars investing in their next generation of leaders. Progressives need to do the same.

LaunchProgress candidates aren’t afraid to take on the most pressing issues facing our country. Our alums have passed legislation to expand paid family leave, compensate wrongfully imprisoned individuals, and protect clean drinking water. As the most progressive, diverse, and tolerant generation this country has seen, young people will work to build a better future for all of us. 

We’re not a Super PAC, and we are funded by individual donations from people like you. We believe that together, we can help the political leaders of tomorrow get started today. 

Past Elections and Growing Successes

LaunchProgress has a proven track record of success. We've elected dynamic leaders in the Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina State Assemblies, and to municipal office from Dearborn to Dayton to Durham. Since 2014, we have helped over 30 incredible leaders win their first elected office. 

Our Candidates

We recruit young people, focusing on women, people of color, people from lower-income families, people who are disabled — the kind of candidates political parties may not traditionally support.

Young Americans are the most diverse, tolerant, and self-empowered generation yet.

By harnessing this innovative, progressive, and talented generation, we can build a better future for the entire nation.

2019 and Future Elections

We will shortly open our endorsement process for 2019 races at the state and local level in Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina. 

Visit our application page to learn more about our endorsement process and to apply for our endorsement this year.

Contact Us

Feel free to send us an email at hello@launchprogresspac.org with questions, comments, interest, or chances for collaboration.