2014 Election Results: Five New Elected Officials Who Can Help Change Politics

LaunchProgress PAC Celebrates Victories of Five Endorsed Candidates in Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio

For Immediate Release: November 5, 2014

Contact: Poy Winichakul or Erik Opsal, (608-698-1989launchprogresspress@gmail.com)

Washington, DC – Five candidates endorsed by LaunchProgress PAC won state legislative seats yesterday — becoming the first group of LaunchProgress candidates to win office and start building a new foundation of national progressive leaders. Of LaunchProgress PAC's five victorious candidates, three are people of color, three are women, and one is openly gay.


LaunchProgress PAC supports candidates aged 18-35 running for state or local office, specifically elevating the kind of candidates our political system may not traditionally support, including women, people of color, people from lower-income families, and people who are disabled.

In 2014, LaunchProgress PAC endorsed 10 total candidates in Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio — three battleground states with quickly changing demographics and a thirst for new progressive leadership. Of the 10 total endorsed candidates, 5 are people of color and 5 are women. Nine of them made it through the primary season and 5 secured office in yesterday’s election.

Our Candidates

In Ohio and North Carolina, less than 10 percent of state legislators are age 35 or younger— and less than one-quarter of state legislators in all three states are women. In Michigan, the statehouse has no LGBT members. LaunchProgress PAC’s candidates will change that.

  • Cecil Brockman (North Carolina, 60th House District) will increase the number of young people of color in the General Assembly.
  • Christie Bryant (Ohio, 32nd House District) will increase the number of young women of color in the legislature. Prior to this election, the 99-member House currently had only 6 representatives age 35 or under, and 23 women.
  • Stephanie Chang (Michigan, 6th House District) will be the first Asian American woman to serve in the state legislature.
  • Jon Hoadley (Michigan, 60th House District) will be a LGBT member of a state legislature that previously had no LGBT members.
  • Kristy Pagan (Michigan, 21st House District) will increase the number of women in state office.

“We are thrilled to help such incredible young progressives as they get their start in politics,” said Poy Winichakul and Luke Squire, co-founders and co-directors of LaunchProgress PAC. “As America continues to change and become more diverse, our elected officials need to change with them. That is why we invested in these young, ambitious candidates, who will help build a new generation of progressive leaders. Congratulations to all our candidates, who worked so hard to get where they are today. We are proud to have been a part of their success.”

Founded in 2014, LaunchProgress PAC invests in young, ambitious candidates to build a new foundation of national progressive leaders and a progressive platform that will ripple changes far beyond a single election. Our candidates are dedicated to tackling the most important issues the country will face in the coming decades, including election reform, equality, education, and individual liberty and security.

For more information on LaunchProgress PAC and our candidates, visit www.launchprogresspac.org.


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