2014 Candidates: 2 Years of Progressive Accomplishments

Our first class of candidates have already made significant progressive accomplishments across the country. A few highlights are below:

Kristy Pagan won re-election to the Michigan House, and continues to be a strong legislator and advocate for progressive causes. Kristy has focused on strengthening Michigan’s public education system, making sure that Michigan’s public schools are fully funded, and expanding access to early education. She has built a strong environmental record, introducing bills to prohibit the use of coal-tar based products in Michigan and to require environmental education in schools.

Cecil Brockman continues to represent Guilford County in the North Carolina legislature. As a representative, he stood up to North Carolina’s discriminatory bill barring trans individuals from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, opposed drilling off of North Carolina’s coast, and sponsored legislation to allow public access to police body cam videos. As the only bisexual member of the North Carolina legislature, he looks forward to continuing to fight for equality for all North Carolinians. 

Jon Hoadley, Michigan’s first openly gay representative,won his re-election bid, and will continue to serve in the Michigan House. In the last two years, he has stood up for free and fair elections, opposing voter ID laws and working to make poll lines shorter. In his first term, Jon introduced a “voter bill of rights”: a constitutional amendment to allow no-reason absentee voting, early voting, and automatic voter registration.

Stephanie Chang, the first Asian-American woman in Michigan’s legislature, has spent the past two years fighting for progressive causes and the people she represents. She introduced legislation to allow undocumented Michiganders to apply for driver's licenses and Michigan ID cards, and her bill to create a fund for victims of wrongful convictions just passed the Michigan House. She also worked on a package of bills to address the issues that caused the Flint water crisis, including legislation that focuses on water affordability, shut off protections, and EPA compliance.

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